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Oh, hello!

Oh, hello!

Glad you’re here! You probably know me best from my work on Life Goes On, Christy, Mystery Woman and ER. This website just tells you a bit more about me, my projects and my passions.

Please visit my kids eboutique, ROMP where you will find toys and decor to stir the imagination. We handpick each item you’ll find on the pages of ROMP, from treasured heirlooms to unique mobiles, simple blocks to back-to-school essentials, from inspiring art sets to that just-right baby gift.

My new UP TV movie, DEAR VIOLA airs in March 2014.

Be on the lookout for MADAM, a novel I co-authored.  It tells the story of an infamous true-life madam in New Orleans at the turn of the 20th century. It will be released by Plume on February 25, 2014.